Meet The QueenCoin

Mother, entrepreneur, wealth coach, and speaker

Stephanie H., the original Melanin Mogul Mommy but is better known as The QueenCoin has had her fair share of personal and professional financial shortcomings and mishaps. Stephanie has a degree in Accounting and is currently completing her Financial Counselor Certification. Stephanie has taken all her life experience along with her formal education and created courses to help you avoid her mistakes, create generational wealth, and take your business and personal finances to the next level! ​

The QueenCoin's Vision is to be a leader in creating economic equality in her community by facilitating financial literacy. 

By facilitating financial literacy, The QueenCoin strives to educate and empower future generations.

The QueenCoin's Mission is to eliminate the wealth gap that disproportionately affects her community in America by helping her people make more abundance-based decisions and provide advice on wealth creation and early retirement while working side by side to set and achieve financial goals to improve overall financial health.

Taking "u" out of struggle so you &  I    can be the "we" in wealth  

Stephanie Hoist