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     Called to Wealth Live Webinar is based on intentional savings and investments that allows participants to retire far earlier than traditional budgets and retirement plans would allow. By gradually increasing their savings rate, followers are able to quit their jobs sooner, travel more and live off less while still maintaining their desired lifestyle.

    This live webinar is full of tools and strategies for you to implement day 1! This is a clear cut path to achieving your version of financial independence!

     Join #TeamCoin as we explore the steps to achieving financial independence and setting ourselves up to retire early. Each ticket includes Called to Wealth Financial Planner & Workbook, a The QueenCoin t-shirt. 

The QueenCoin Features

        As a Black woman in business I love to see when we lift each other up! I love to see the love in the comment section full of emoji hearts, hand claps and congratulations confetti! It warms my heart even more to be able to be apart of the action. The Do Better SIs Podcast is a prime example of what that sounds like. Charli & Phoenix keep it real with you from straight out the gate. 

      I had the honor and privilege to be featured as one of the "Dope Businesswomen Series" guests. They ask the tough questions, made me laugh & I felt like I was on the phone with 2 of my friends "key-keyin'". I dropped some free financial gems, easy actionable steps and gave some opportunities to meet me in Nashville & Columbia! 

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